1. Live more elegantly without spending a dime

    Fresh flowers are lovely, but editing a room cost nothing and can make it look brand newDarlings, do you long to live more elegantly in this sometimes harried and vulgar world? You’re not alone. I often meet young women who yearn for a more serene and elegant life. It is within reach, but you have to work at it.
    Get unpleasant tasks squared very early in your day
    Too many of us are bogged down by untidy homes, lack of exercise, or piles of undone work. Get up 20 minutes earlier if necessary and do whatever you loathe or avoid the first thing in the day without thinking about it. Just do it and then relish your accomplishment and freedom for the rest of the day. You will be surprised how painless tidying up or working out becomes after it is habit. And you will feel better and more serene –really!
    Set aside time for relaxation and quiet
    I know you are busy. It is frantic world, but time to relax and renew is essential to an elegant life. Set aside small blocks of time to walk, breathe, and clear your mind. You will be amazed at how much calmer and more creative you become with a regular time-out from the world’s constant buzz.
    Stand up straight and become more body conscious
    Good posture is the cornerstone of elegance. It prevents fatigue and makes everything you wear look better. It also makes you look thinner and taller! Take core building classes and yoga to develop better posture and a stronger core. Walk like a diva.
    Cultivate beauty in your daily life
    Fresh flowers are fabulous. You can also add beauty to your life by rearranging objects you already own with a fresh eye. A bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables can look inviting. Fluff pillows, dust books, and enjoy your home. Read and study décor and art books for inspiration as well as to educate your eye. Many attractive homes are a mixture of high-low finds. Jeff Lewis, the star of the popular Bravo show, Jeff Lewis Interior Therapy, often works wonders by editing and rearranging rooms.
    A similar editing process applied to your wardrobe will result in a more elegant look. Bite the bullet and donate anything that doesn’t make you feel fabulous. Trash stretched out or stained clothes. Play with your accessories and try out new combinations. Learn to set aside time to care for your clothes. Going over clothing with a lint brush, damp cloth, and needle and thread can save you a fortune at the dry cleaner as well as making you look more soigné.
    Darlings, elegance is attainable but it needs to be nurtured. Surround yourself with those you admire and share your need for beauty.