1. Linda McCartney’s recipes

    Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Home Cooking: 308 Quick, Easy, and Economical Vegetarian Dishes is full of family recipes, illustrated with lovely full-colour photos. There are also homey notes from the late author and wife of Beatle Paul McCartney that make this newly-republished volume very personal and special. 

    Linda McCartney shares tips as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm she gained as a homemaker, feeding her family and friends. It is neither a vegetarian screed, nor does it demand veganism. The meals include dairy and eggs, are easy to make, and will appeal to most families.
    Linda McCartney published this book in 1990. Eight years later she died following a long battle with breast cancer. Her introduction to the book is upbeat, but poignant. She says she and her family had an epiphany when they looked at the leg of lamb on their plates, and realized it was from the same animal they had seen “gamboling” in a field. So, she wrote the book to encourage people who want to cook without using meat. She also wanted to hand down her recipes to her family. “I’m a real peasant cook,” she wrote, “… I spend a lot of time in our kitchen. I find it the cosiest, friendliest place in the house.”
    This beautifully-illustrated book would make a great holiday gift for any beginning or committed vegetarian cook.