1. Let those glossy images inspire you!

    Find inspiration in the pages of  your favourite glossy !Gone are the days when fashion dictates sent made women despair, if they couldn’t afford the latest designer looks. These days, less expensive alternatives go on sale as soon as designer dresses hit the runways or are seen on the red carpet. Often the designer who made the original also created the knockoffs. All that keeps women from being fashionable these days is a lack of personal style or confidence. 

    Reading a fashion magazine can be a daunting experience for anyone who takes it too seriously. As a former glossy magazine editor I swing between exasperated and amused. I am annoyed at superior little articles by editors raving on about how dark roots are just the thing to show how busy and savvy one is these days. Neglected roots make hair look dirty, unkempt, and sometimes make woman look a touch haggard. A recent survey of more than a thousand women in the United Kingdom confirmed that women judge other women harshly for having uncoloured roots. It’s just not a good look.  
    Darlings, I love a little attitude and effect, but not at the expense of individuality and true style. While you may see a few streaks of gold in Anna Wintour’s signature bob, I am fairly certain you will never see her sporting platinum or red locks, no matter no strong the trend. She has a style and sticks to it. Well-dressed women adjust to fashion, but seldom stray from their own styles. Fashion slaves are amusing to watch, but are they well-dressed?
    Fashion should be fun. Too many women today don’t enjoy fashion. They stress too much about wearing uncomfortable shoes or constricting clothes. They wear things that hurt or forego beautiful clothes for silly reasons. They worry they are not as tall or thin as the models in their favourite magazines. Well, neither are most of the editors who create those glossy pages. Have you seen Nina Garcia from Project Runway? She does not let her Latina curves stop her from being a world class fashionista.
    The images in glossy magazines intimidate most women. Even those with big budgets can be overwhelmed by those pages. The pictures are idealized, but are meant to inspire. Study the photos of celebrities and socialites; many are not “model” tall or thin, but they look fabulous. While the outfits may be pricey, the images are not unattainable. Learn to take apart the pages and pull out the elements you like and think will work for you. Things similar to those shown in the magazines are in the shops at all prices, and they will work for you.
    Next time you read a glossy magazine, let those glossy images inspire you!