1. Jersey style

    Tracy DiMarcoLove it or hate, Jersey girls have style. Stylists Tracey DiMarco and Anthony Lombardi from the Style Network’s hit show Jerseylicious turn out some serious “Jersey style” at the Gatsby Salon on Jerseylicious. They offered DolceDolce readers some of their favourite styling tips for summer. Try them if you feel like going a little Jerseylicious, after all it has never been hotter to be a Jersey girl.

    Tracy’s tips:
    ·        Condition: The sun makes your hair dry and dead. While you’re laying out, put some leave-in conditioner or use a treatment in your hair to prevent damage. 
    ·        A tan is a must have! But no tan is worth ruining your skin. Make sure you throw on sunscreen even if it’s a low number sunscreen like 4! Just don’t put baby oil on!
    ·        DolceDolce recommends a minimum SPF 30 for skin care safety and anti-aging, and using a good and sunless tanner. But we love our Jersey girls!
    ·        Get yourself a Maxi dress. It can come in handy as a cover up for your bathing suit, or could be cute for dinner right from the beach/pool. 
    ·        Summer is a great time to wear for hats. Either a big floppy hat to block the sun or a cute straw fedora to match your sundress. 
    ·        Makeup is not necessary for the beach. But a bare face isn’t right either. So put on some mascara on top and bottom lashes, it will brighten up your eyes! You never now when you’ll run into a cutie on the beach!
    Anthony Lombardi and Tracy DiMarcoAnthony’s tips:
    ·        Add some summer highlights. You don’t need many, just a few to give a sun-kissed glow.
    ·        Get an anti-frizz treatment.  Summer humidity can cause a very bad hair day. GK hair or Bioionic Kerasmooth can be lifesavers.
    ·        When out in the sun, put one pint of Lamke sun care treatment in a spray bottle with two pints of water, and keep spraying and combing your hair all day.  It helps with sun damage.
    ·        If you’re a guy and you’re bald out in the sun, wear a sunscreen on your head with a SPF of at least 30.
    ·        Ponytails are timeless classics.