1. Indulge your senses

    Click on the topmost title and scrollChai-Latte-Body-Wash

    Philip B is known of luxurious hair care that uses exotic botanicals to restore damage hair.

    His products smell divine and are favourite of celebrities and jetsetters. I am addicted to his . 

    The spicy, latte-coloured liquid moisturizes and cleanses with pure honey and milk proteins. The spicy blend of nourishing extracts of contains Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Black Pepper. I find the scent addictive. I like the gentle zing it gives my skin. 

    A note on the Philip B. site says that Allure magazine recommends this product for men. I think it is a beautiful sexy unisex scent that blends with all my Chanel and Guerlain fragrances.