1. Heels on wheels

    Marshall's "heels on wheels"A pair of red stilettos always catches the eye, but not quite as poppingly as the ones we just saw. They weren’t a petite size five (my size!); these were truly towering!

    The giant pumps on wheels — custom-made go-karts with a shoe-like shell that could have been designed by Jimmy Choo — were motoring along Peachtree St. in Atlanta to promote Marshalls’ annual October Shop ‘Til It Stops campaign against domestic violence.

    For the first two weeks this month, the
    U.S. women’s wear store will donate one dollar for every pair of shoes they sell. The retailer says the money goes to organizations that work to stop the violence, and provides support to its victims. Marshalls will donate up to $150,000 this year, and has given more than $1 million in the campaign’s 15 years.
    Domestic violence is a scourge everywhere, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali – the Somali-Dutch activist we mentioned in our lead essay – could tell you. 
    The National Domestic Violence Hotline says that on average more than three women in the U.S. are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day. Its website quotes a U.S. Centers for Disease Control study that reports that each year in the U.S., “intimate partner violence results in an estimated 1,200 deaths and two million injuries among women.”
    North of the 49th parallel, the Canadian Women’s Foundation says that “one to two women are murdered by a current or former partner each week in Canada”. It reports that “spousal violence makes up the single largest category of convictions involving violent offences in non-specialized adult courts in Canada over the five-year period 1997/98 to 2001/02. Over 90% of offenders were male.”
    (It’s worth noting that while abusive men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of domestic violence against women, some men are victims. The CDC study reports that domestic violence results in “nearly 600,000 injuries among men” in the U.S. every year.)
    So darlings, go shoe-shopping at Marshalls, and help stamp out domestic violence!