1. Have your own eco-savvy soda fountain

    Soda at the push of a buttonWe love the machines from Sodastream. It’s fabulous to be able make fabulous fresh soda water in minutes using filtered water from own fridge. It takes only minutes, costs pennies, and we always we have it on hand when we want it.  The machines don’t need batteries or electricity. They work with recyclable canisters of C02.
    The new Genesis drinks maker is a compact, light, inexpensive plastic model that is great for any small space. It is perfect for families who are eco-conscious and want to reduce waste. Those who are budget-minded will like the system too as it is very economical. It is also great idea for students going off to school. Just think how great it would be to have a tasty selection of soft drinks and flavoured waters on hand without the bother of carting heavy bottles – or the having to store them in a small room. 
    There is a choice of 25 standard soda flavours such as cola and diet cola. There are also essences to make the new poular flavoured-water drinks. We really like the diet pink grapefruit and cranberry-raspberry flavours. There is even a concentrate for an energy drink. Each bottle of flavoring makes 50 servings. The diet drink mixes contain Splenda instead of cheaper sweeteners.
    The Genesis Starter kit with two canisters of C02 and two bottles to hold soda is only $119 in the US or Canada. Flavour mixes are extra.
    This is a fabulous gadget. It is perfect for the bar, school, cottage or boat – anywhere you entertain and relax with family or friends. http://www.sodastream.com/aboutsodaclub