1. Glow and bask

    Aromafloria’s Stressless Body Polish Foaming Salt Glow Winter skin can be dull and lifeless. Dreamy fall and winter days can make you feel dead and draggy. Revive your skin and your skin with a potent exfoliation and aromatherapy treatment from Aromafloria.  
    Aromafloria products are formulated with organic ingredients and essential oils. Founder Sharon Christie says "I have a passion for smell. It keeps me connected. It keeps me alive. The connection has always been there, for as long as I can remember, and it can be found in every part of Aromafloria and in every product we produce". I too have a passion for scent and her products are divine.
    Try Aromafloria’s Stressless Body Polish Foaming Salt Glow to polish dead skin and leave it soft and glowing. The scrub is full of Dead Sea salt, Manuka honey, lavender, chamomile, and sage. The scent is instantly relaxing and addictive. It’s $13. Darlings it has never been more important to relax, restore, and replenish.