1. Give summer skin a “Lift”

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    If your skin has taken a beating from too much fun in the sun it needs effective, anti-aging TLC to help it recover and regenerate.

    According to scientists at LIFTLAB, “Cell Protection Protein or CPP has the ability to strengthen cell membranes, boost cell regeneration and encourage the formation of protective anti-oxidants.” There are decades of scientific studies to show how it works with your skin to promote the formation of over 40 natural proteins, including collagen and elastin for firmness, resiliency, and bounce.

    LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum is designed to “target and repair visible fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone.” According LIFTLAB,” It has the highest concentration and number of active peptides and proteins in the entire line.”

    This line is ideal for women with sensitive skin who don’t want to risk irritation but still want effective anti-aging benefits. I have tried LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum as well as LIFT + FIX Restore Serum, which, the company says, was designed to calm, eliminate and prevent inflammation. I found it really does offer quick relief for skin irritated from sun exposure, extreme temperatures, pollutants and cosmetic treatments. It also contains Cell Protection Protein as well as special ingredients to sooth and firm skin.

    I have sensitive skin that can break out in hives in minutes and the LIFT + FIX Restore Serum has calmed my skin down in hours. CCP and peptides are very effective anti-aging ingredients and much less irritating than retinol.

    Products in the line range from $65 to $250. You can find them at your local Neiman Marcus store or online.