1. Get sleek!

    Ever wonder how celebrities get that sleek look on the red carpet? It isn’t all Spanx. Stacy Keibler was seen recently in Zaggora HotPants. They are made of a special fabric that uses the body’s heat in to help raise your metabolism during workouts, to increase the calories you burn.
    According to the company, “Research shows that women who wear HotPants for at least 30 minutes during exercise experience calorie burn that is an average of 11 percent greater compared to when they wore traditional workout attire.”
    The thick, super-tight workout pants can take getting used to, but if you want to be red carpet sleek you may want to try it. After all, Stacy did look flawless in her form-fitting Oscar gown.
    Zaggora HotPants Shorts cost $72, long shorts cost $88, and HotPants Capri is $104.