1. Get insider designer styling

    Karen Green in her own creationHave you ever wondered where new designers come from? Where do they get their inspiration? Popular shows, such as Project Runway, show us how designers perform under pressure to fulfill the demands of the judges. What drives a young designer whose vision is to try to sell to boutiques and consumers? We have been watching Karen Green of Green Label Designs, since she debuted her collection with a unique and popular skirt last year. She has expanded her line into a  capsule collection. Karen’s label is unique in that she does not design by season, but by silhouettes. Karen talks about her inspiration and shares her personal styling tips. If you love fashion, you won’t want to miss a word of this insider interview.

    DD: What is your must-have green label item and how do you wear it?
    KG: The great thing about pieces from Green Label Designs is their versatility. I often never leave the house without something on from our collection. The Signature Skirt is probably my "go-to" piece of the line. During daytime my favorite outfit is a plain white tank from say the Gap or J.Crew, paired with a Signature Skirt and a pair of leather or glittery flip-flops. This way if I need to get ready quickly for a last minute evening engagement, all I need to do is throw on a couple dozen strands of pearls and my favorite stilettos. It’s fabulous evening look! 
    The Jet Set Tunic is another staple in my wardrobe. The ease of the fabric ensures that when I travel, I look fresh.  I do travel quite a bit for PR engagements and to visit our different boutiques. Whether on a plane or sitting in the car for hours, I want to finish my trip looking like I did when I started.  Again, this piece is amazing with ballet flats, flip-flops, sandals, or just below the knee boots. Going into the fall and winter, a great way to wear The Boxer Short is with opaque tights, a sheer turtleneck, and a fabulous pair of booties. 

    DD: What inspired you to create Green Label Designs?
    KG: Shannon, my sister-in-law and business partner, and I didn’t intend on starting a clothing company.  It all started with what was supposed to just be a birthday present to me for my 32nd birthday last year. Shannon is a couture bridal designer. Since I met her I have wanted her to work with me to create a fabulous couture piece for myself. We never knew that it would change our lives forever! 

    DD: What type of women wears your line?
    KG: I would have to say that our target market is a contemporary woman probably in her late 20s to early 40s. But, my mother at 64 wears our pieces and my little sister at 22 also does. They both feel and look amazing in them. A Green Label Designs woman is confident, sassy, sexy, and fun. She doesn’t want to wear pieces that are trendy and can be found just anywhere. Our customer wants something special and will pay top dollar for that uniqueness.

    DD:  Are there themes to your different collections?
    KG: I’m not sure if I would say that we necessarily have themes for the collections we’ve turned out in the past year.  Shannon and I concentrate more on creating pieces that our customer just has to have. We focus on elegant silhouettes with a tiny modern twist and a little something unexpected. 
    Since we do not plan on having on adding new garments every season, it is more important for us to find fabulous new satins and silks in beautiful colors and patterns. The colors we have for this fall are very reminiscent of the Mediterranean. We have periwinkles and turquoises like the beautiful sea and pale pinks and whites reminiscent of the sand. The dark plum and platinum are like a soft nighttime sky.

    DD: Do you have any styling tips on how women can integrate your designs into their own wardrobes?

    KG: Absolutely! The Signature Skirt and The Boxer Short are both pieces that can be dressed up or down with ease with plain tank tops and great flat sandals or ballet flats for daytime. For evening, just slip into a fitted high-collared white blouse with a great necklace and a pair of heels. The Martini Romper looks best when you pair it with a fabulous belt or sash right from your closet. I like chain link belts, but an Obi sash look amazing around the waist to complete the look. Also your favorite necklace worn backwards and hanging down your back with the dramatic drape silk looks stellar. We’ve added loops to the shoulders so you can attach your favorite necklace easily. The Saint Tropez Yacht Dress is another piece that looks amazing for day or evening. Wear it over your favorite bikini on the deck of your yacht, or simply by itself for a dramatic evening dress.

    DD: Who is your favourite design inspiration?
    KG: I would have to say that I’m especially inspired by my favorite designers Lanvin for their bit of eccentricity. I like Jason Wu for his simple yet innovative design and Milly for always creating fun new girly silhouettes.