1. Get gorgeous for your winter get-away!

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    This winter has been crazy with bitter cold in the Northeast, ice storms in the South, and drought in the West – and everyone is ready for a spring break. But make sure you have smooth sun-ready skin, frizz-proof hair, hairless legs, and pretty feet. If you have been hiding any beauty sins under winter woolies it is time to get your face and body ready for exposure. 

    Hot, sunny destinations are no place for heavy makeup, but you need to protect your skin so a bare face won’t do.  Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream brightens, softly conceals, and protects your face with a broad spectrum SPF 36. This is one of nicest BB creams we have seen. It covers imperfections and gives skin a natural glow that looks beautiful in all lighting conditions. It contains titanium dioxide, Argan oil, elemental sulfur, and caviar extracts to hydrate and protect skin. It comes in two tints: Light and Natural $49. This looks just like naked skin but prettier. 

    Amarte has been the most popular skin care line in Korea since 2001. It recently launched in the U.S., introducing the Korean 4 step ritual of cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate and protect. I have become addicted to Amarte exfolipowder.  This unique skin-smoothing powder turns to gel when activated by water.  The line combines traditional Korean Medicine and western science. Regular use leaves skin taut and glowing without any of the irritation you can get from harsher products. What I love most about Amarte exfolipowder is how it makes pores seem to disappear with a single use.   Exfolipowder

    Also worth mentioning is that Amarte  is  beautifully packaged. It looks and feels luxurious and yet you can try the line for under $200 with their Heart& Seoul Collection.


    DolceDolce note:

    If you have tried anti-aging products, such as retinols, and stopped using them because your face became irritated, try Amarte. This line is formulated to be effective but non-irritating. It is ideal for women age 20 to 40, addressing the first signs of aging. 

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