1. From the lab

    1fromthelab.jpgClick top title to open the item and scroll to item  If you are always dying to have the newest lotion, potion, or lip gloss as soon as you see it in a magazine, then From the Lab is for you! Now the “got-to-have-it-first girls” can get their hot little hands on the latest offerings from top cosmetic labs before they are even in the shops.  For the monthly subscription price of $29.95, From the Lab delivers one, two, or three full-sized samples of cutting-edge beauty products that the company promises “will be made with ingredients up to 18-months before they hit shelves.” For a limited time From the Lab is offering “charter memberships” for $19.95. But hurry if you like the idea because the special may be ending soon. Face Mask No. 261 works in synergy with Face Scrub No. 258  to create a mini spa treatment at home. This mask is so gentle, it can be used multiple times a week and it won’t leave skin dry and make it tight. Face Mask No. 261 is moisturizing with ingredients like tomato essence to help regenerate skin for a firmer look and feel.Scrub No. 258 uses all-natural purple jojoba exfoliating beads to gently deep-clean skin, and Aglianico grape marc extract ( Marc is the grape by product  of olive oil or juice pressing for wine/ brandy making) derived from organically-grown Italian fruit, to anti-oxidants to defend skin against environmental toxins.If you fall in love with a product as a member you can order more. So far Face Mask No. 261 is my favourite. It is like a spa in a jar.I am not one for sample boxes in general, although I have seen a few great ones and not because I am beauty editor who gets too many samples already.  But too many of them send five to six regular samples and one or two full-sized items from obscure houses and I find I am just not interested in most of the box or use the “good” sample in a week. But From the Lab is large; a full 30-day supply. Also I like the quality and the variety of the products I have seen, making From the Lab a good value for those who want the “latest and greatest in lotions and potions”.