1. Flawless 10

    Gonails Growth Treatment promises to do for nails what Latisse has done for lashes. After years of being disappointed by over-priced nail growers, I am excited. Gonails has an ingredient,arginine aminobenzoate a patented DNA   that is showing up in many new and effective cosmetics. It is a patented DNA stimululator and one of the reasons Gonails is not just another glorified nail lacquer or oil.  Another new ingredient in Gonails is Lipoplastadine, a rich source of biotin derived from egg yolks that improves thin brittle nails. Thymulen4 stimulates the growth of new keratin to improve the nail’s strength and integrity.

    There is also jojoba and Vitamin E for healthy cuticles. The formula also contains collagen, an excellent moisturizer to make nails more elastic and less brittle.
    If you have despaired of ever having a “flawless ten”, try Gonails and flaunt your fingers. It takes about two weeks before you will see results.