1. Fight the flu

    Fight flu, wash hands with mosturizing, not antibacterial soapThe flu is scary this year. We have seasonal flu to think about as well as H1N1, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, children, and those with compromised immune systems or asthma. If you have insurance or live where there is medical care – lucky you. This may be the year to talk to your doctor about your choices for a flu shot. Do not just ignore the flu and assume that you are healthy and can just fight it off!

    Another danger of ignoring the flu is that you get sick and infects others who are more fragile and have serious complications. Or you spread the flu through your work place or to those who can not afford to get ill. It happens every year. Trust me if you do this, your co-worker will curse you. Also heartily disliked are those who send sick children to school or day care. If you do not care about yourself think of others. The flu shot is safe, effective, and necessary for your health and that of the community.
    You are contagious before you are sick. If you have school age children you are more likely to fall sick and make others sick, if you and your family are not vaccinated. See your doctor now; this is the time to get a flu shot. I know it is hard to miss work if your employer doesn’t give you sick days. But with a serious flu, you will miss more work by ignoring it. This alone is a good reason to get a flu shot!
    Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 30 seconds, and teach your children to do the same. Pack alcohol wipes — not the antibacterial kind — and use them.
    Clean your phone, desks, and keyboards twice daily. They are all dirtier than your toilet. Wipe door knobs at home frequently. Avoid touching elevator buttons, handrails, and other public germ-grabbers. Use tissues or wear gloves. I like disposable tissues, or use wipes.
    Build your immunity with probiotics in enhanced yogurt and kefirs. Also benefit from onion, garlic, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Studies show that probiotics can help ward off H1N1 and the seasonal flu. But remember all probiotics are not equal, shop wisely, be informed and eat a balanced diet.
    We will have more on this next week.
    Do not touch your face as flu and cold germs enter the body from the nose, mouth and eyes.
    Get enough sleep and exercise!
    Darlings, there are no guarantees, but these steps are good common sense and can help to keep you healthy.