1. Fast fixes for annoying and embarrassing beauty glitches

    Stretch marks can be disguised with sunless tannerEven the most gorgeous women have occasional beauty glitches. Some are temporary, such as sudden eruptions of painful cystic pimples before special occasions. Others are more permanent, such as stretch marks. But all can be finessed with the right fix.
    Stretch marks are distressing, but most women will aquire a few in their lifetimes. Stretch marks are caused when the skin stretches too fast. The reddish or purple lines will usually fade over time.
    You can help prevent some stretch marks by moisturizing with cocoa butter if you are pregnant. If you get stretch marks, some experts claim retinoids and glycolic acids can help by stimulating new collagen. Speak to a doctor as soon as you notice stretch marks as these treatments work best on fresh ones. According to our experts, expensive stretch mark creams and over-the-counter treatments are not very effective. 
    Some dermatologists use lasers to treat stretch marks. Expect to need multiple treatments and to spend at least $1,500. Lasers can help remove redness and even out the skin, but don’t expect more than a 30 to 50 percent improvement.
    If you want a fast, inexpensive fix, exfoliate and use a sunless tanner in your skin tone to help mask stretch marks. Sunless tanner can make stretch marks and minor cellulite seem to almost disappear.
    Spider veins are not a health danger, but they look terrible. They can spread if left untreated. Saline injections or laser treatments are quick fixes for spider veins.
    Prices vary for both treatments, and they can sting if the doctor is not careful, so get a recommendation from a friend or a trusted physician.
    To disguise blemishes on your legs try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light Glow Leg Makeup with Vitamin K. This spray-on leg makeup is inexpensive, easy to apply, and stays on.
    A cortisone injection from a doctor is a quick way to get rid of large cystic pimple and prevent scaring too!Large cystic pimples pop up at the worse time! It is no surprise that stress is major cause of acne flares! If you feel one coming on before a big event, apply ice and a little over-the-counter cortisone cream, or even eye drops such as Visine that treat redness. Do not apply heat or dying agents. You want to calm and reduce the redness and inflammation without disturbing the skin.
    See if you can get a cortisone injection. It will reduce the cyst overnight. You will need a dermatologist or look for a special acne clinic that offers these injections – they are magical.
    Blue light from a Klima Wanda or Tanda Acne light can be helpful too.
    If you have frequent acne flares, seek the help of an acne specialist. Make sure they offer acute treatments including cortisone injections for cystic pimples, which also prevent scarring.
    Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Loose-Setting Powder will cost about $65 together. But they the most effective, natural cover-up for any type of blemish and last a very long time. Make an appointment so you can have a Laura Mercier-trained makeup artist teach you how to use it. You can use a small new artist brush to apply it, if your budget is a concern.
    If you have frequent dark under-eye circles or puffy eye bags you may have allergies. Talk to your doctor before you invest a fortune in treatments.
    Keep a few teaspoons and used teabags in your freezer to de-puff eyes fast.
    Never apply eye cream right under your eye; apply it on the orbital bone and crow’s feet area.
    Use a lighter eye cream especially for puffy eyes and dark circles. Be aware that many eye gels can be irritating and stick to lightweight eye cream.
    Peeling manicure: Peeling gel manicures look awful but are hard to remove. When you get a gel manicure pick up a bottle of regular polish in the same colour for touchups. Or if you change your colours frequently, get a bottle of two of Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush. A coat or two over your nails will extend any polish for a week. The thick glitter covers anything, looks trendy, and is forgiving if you are not an expert.
    Dull, tired, lack luster skin and clogged pores can ruin any girl’s look. My favourite fix is a gentle, weekly, at-home peel. I don’t like harsh peels that can leave skin red and rough-looking. I prefer to keep a glow with frequent but gentle glycolic peels. Friends have told me this trick has saved their skin and their budgets. My favourites: Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 and Glytone Mini Peel Gel.