1. Fall into booties

     ManchonDolceDolce’s Amber Burns likes boots for their seasonal versatility! Here’s Amber: 

    As the end of summer approaches, ankle booties are your next must-have shoe.  This versatile footwear is no longer reserved for the winter cold.  Cut-outs and peep toes are just some of the many options offered this season.

    Christian Louboutin’ s new fall/winter line includes the Manchon, indigo blue booties that sure to demand attention. The ruching detail exposes more of the foot, elongating the leg.  A statement-colour shoe like this will wake up any winter ensemble.  Allow brightly-coloured booties to sparkle by balancing them with neutral opaque tights, such as black or grey. 
    Nicholas KirkwoodNicholas Kirkwood has designed booties with three of my favourite elements. They have amazing pale pink patterns, black patent leather trim, and ribbon ties.  Play up details on shoes such as these with sheer, printed tights.
    Try a chic yet inexpensive pair of booties from Michael Antonio’s Mckey, $35.  The simple structure will pair nicely with most anything in your closet.  The grey suede material, combined with grey tights, will balance a sophisticated mini-dress. They can work as well with brightly-coloured leggings.  Feeling sassy? Wear them alone to showcase a great pair of legs.  Just be sure to moisturize!