1. Expert tips to make your “blo out” last

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    David Babaii

    David Babaii

     David Babaii is known for making his celebrity clients look glamorous, but he understands that all women want to look amazing. “Women everywhere love the treat of getting a blo out and walking out of one of our Blo Blow Dry Bars looking fabulous with your hair bouncing with every step,” Babaii said. “Plus, each of you deserve having people tell you that your hair looks great while turning a few heads is always a bonus. So how do you keep that feeling and look last?  Here are my 10 tips and tricks to keep your blo out lasting for days.”

    Here are David’s tips for hair “blo outs”:

     Have your stylist start with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for your specific hair type. My motto has always been that a great hair day starts with a clean canvas. If your hair is oily skip the hydrating shampoo and just apply conditioner to the ends.

    When you go to bed at night consider a silky pillow case. They allow the hair to move freely while sleeping so you can prevent flattening the volume you love.

    For those sleek straight blowouts take a scrunchie (yes, they have come back) and gently pull hair back into a low ponytail, twisting the scrunchie loosely around to keep the hair in place. For longer hair try wrapping coated bands mid- center and at the ends of the pony. Also, a great flat iron is a must to rid your blo out of any imperfections, humidity or the side effects from a rainy day.

    When you wake up in the morning your can freshen your scalp several ways. For my natural beauties, create a small mixture of water and lemon juice. Next, take a cotton ball or pad moistening it and finally squeezing any left-over moisture out. Then, gently start by cleansing the hairline followed by parting small sections and cleaning the scalp area only. This will absorb and cleanse away any access oils while giving your hair a clean fresh scent. For my busy working gals, a dry shampoo is quick and easy to use and always an option.

    In the shower, loosely wrap your hair into a soft cotton towel to keep any moisture and humidity from seeping into your do. Shower caps are great but I feel they tend to flatten your hair and cause your head to sweat while a cotton towel allows your head to breathe.

    To refresh your volume or waves, invest in Velcro rollers (jumbo to medium sizes) Before your first cup of coffee or stepping into the shower, simply roll your fringe on a jumbo, lifting the section to a 90-degree angle so you can maintain the volume. Do the same for the top, sides and back. You can add a few more if you need them. Allow the Velcro rollers to stay in for about 30 minutes, then remove and finger comb your hair into place. For beachy waves, opt for a professional-grade beach spray, then, after spritzing, twist strands in various diameters to give life back into your Bo-ho chic look.

    A round brush (medium for short to chin length hair and large for longer hair) can also quickly smooth any flaws from sleeping or a shower. It can also be used to retouch your fringe. Simply use a nozzle attachment on your blow dryer to have more air concentration; then take your round brush on your dry hair wrapping your fringe evenly over the brush followed by a blast of hot air then a shot of cool. Roll the brush a few times if your hair has a stubborn streak to it. You can use the same technique anywhere your hair needs a quick touch-up.

    Do not overuse products in-between blo outs. This causes the hair to not only weigh itself down but, the build-up soils your hair and scalp quicker.

    Try not to run your fingers through your hair or play with it when you’re bored. This increases stimulation to the scalp for unwanted oil and also the day-to-day soot on our hands that we come into contact with will add some nasties.

    If you wish to change your style in-between blo outs, accessories are always the easiest and fastest way to make simple alterations. A headband, decorative pins and clips plus great hair ties can do the trick. Try putting your hair to one side in a ponytail, or by creating a faux bob. All these styles will still help to maintain your original blo out.

    Finally, make sure you have made your next appointment at Blo Blow Dry Bar.