1. Expert tips for rainy weather hair

    rainyClick on the top title to open and scroll  Hurricane season has begun so get ready for challenging hair days. Rain and humidity can make hair frizz and flop. Celebrity hairstylist Paul Warren of the Art Department has tips to help hair look good on even on damp days. Paul used René Furterer products to help hair behave.

    Here are Paul’s top tips:

    Make sure your hair isn’t too dry to begin with. If your hair has a proper amount of moisture, humidity can’t penetrate into the cuticle (outer layer of hair shaft) to make your hair expand and frizz. Daily use of René Furterer CARTHAME no-rinse day time moisturizing conditioner will not only provide hair with instant hydration, but UV filters will also protect hair from harmful rays that can leave hair dry and brittle.  (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    Don’t fuss over perfecting your blowout; let your hair be a little less “done.” This idea is akin to “easing into the turn,” the turn in this case being the elements. The less fussy the style is, the less obvious it will be that you got caught in the rain when your umbrella blew inside out. I love the way the KARITÉ leave-in nourishing cream softly controls rebellious hair, making it easier to style. A small amount applied to hair lengths of either dry or damp hair will make all the difference.

    Try a lo-fi updo or braid – the less polished the better. One or two drops of René Furterer KARITÉ leave-in repairing serum before styling or after blow-drying is the perfect solution to manage hard-to-style, lackluster locks. This intensive treatment provides long-lasting nutrition and conditioning. It even helps to prevent split ends!

    Get a good haircut, especially those of you with curly hair. The better the cut, the more chances you have for your hair to look fantastic no matter what Mother Nature brings your way. And to help keep frizz at bay, use René Furterer LISSEA leave-in smoothing fluid. It provides protection from humidity as well as from the heat of blow-dryers.

    DolceDolce tips:

    If you wash your hair every day on wet days, don’t. Instead just restyle. Freshly-washed hair can be harder to manage in very humid weather.

    Have a busy day and it is raining heavily? Consider a braid. All types of braids are very trendy and your hair will look neat and tidy all day.