1. Expectations of privacy

    penClick on top title to open and scroll  I wonder if we have given up all expectations of privacy, and I don’t mean because the government is spying on our phone calls and reading our emails. I am more concerned about situations like Donald Sterling’s. And let me say right now, I find his comments and attitudes despicable and unacceptable. But I question if I or anyone else should have heard his or anyone else’s private conversations that have been secretly recorded.     A pen this small can record conversations

    Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz also condemned the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s “very bad” racist comments, according to Newsmax.  “I don’t think we want the thought police to be intruding on people’s private conversations,” Dershowitz said. In the same Newsmax article Dershowitz also said, “We need to preserve privacy… We need to be able to preserve a person’s ability to share his thoughts, even if we don’t agree with his thoughts, with private people.”
    I agree with Professor Dershowitz. When we stop protecting any individual’s right to speak freely in his or her home we open the door to all kinds of unsavoury behavior. An expectation of privacy in your own home is basic and should be sacred. Allowing people to use secretly-recorded conversations to manipulate events should not be sanctioned. For while many people may believe it is just and fair to force the sale of an NBA team from a billionaire who makes racist statements, who is to say how the precedent of using secretly-recorded conversations will be used next?