1. European hair hydration

    Now you can hydrate you hair with Pure Water Drops by Purity Design by IT&LY Hair Fashion Milan Italy. I love this new European product, with its soft romantic scent. Only a few drops give freshly blow-dried hair extra shine and bounce. I like to wash and style daily, but when I can’t, just a touch of Pure Water Drops helps bring back my bounce.
    Pure Water Drops provide concentrated protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. It contains essence of sandal, barley, and philodendron that gives hair a beautiful glossy shine and helps prevent and disguise split ends.
    This versatile and weightless product can be applied to wet or dry hair for soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Pure Water Drops  will tame and gloss thick, coarse curly hair, but will not make fine fly-away hair greasy. It also makes a great detangler. $22  www.italyhairfashion.com. Readers can also find where to purchase by calling 800-621-4859.