1. Err on the side of discretion

    NewGraceyPicw1Click on the top title to open Darlings the world of social media is fraught with opportunity for fraught with opportunity for gossip. Refrain. It is one thing to tell your own secrets, but entirely another to tell someone else’s. And be careful with your own too. Think before your post.  A decade or so ago a friend told me another friend was seriously ill with a potentially fatal disease. I told no one but my husband and cautioned him to do the same.  When the news became public about our friend’s illness another mutual friend took me to task for not telling her I explained to my inquisitive friend that it was not my news to tell. At the funeral, the widow thanked me for my discretion. 

    Lately, I hear about brides who are distraught that friends have posted pictures of their wedding. Some bridesmaids have even posted photos of the bride’s gown before the wedding.

    Other couples are upset when family member post pictures of their newborns online. All of these acts seem like clear violations to privacy to me but obviously the lines are not clear for everyone. I think when posting a photo or information online that involves someone else’s private life, it is always best to err on the side of discretion. 

    Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings, that is truly where the sweet life lies. 

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