1. Enviro-smart on the go!


    on the go!

    Solavie is a smart new line of products

    for the environmentally conscious beauty on the go. The line is

    designed to give you the perfect product as you travel through different

    climate conditions. There are six destination choices: urban, desert,

    plains, tropics, shore, and mountains. Each line has a selection

    of  shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, and cream. I love this

    idea. My hair and skin often has a 24-48  hour adjustment period

    after any change in climate or water.  All the products contain

    natural mineral water. Individual products use different natural

    botanicals sourced from the environment they are intended work in.

    The packaging is brilliant. The is no excess. The small bottles

    snap together and meet international security regulations for carry-ons.

    I checked. The bottles are recyclable and a portion of the profits

    go to earth-sustainable charities. And since the products are unisex,

    if your man is with you he can use them too!  It’s perfect

    idea for now: a simple way to keep yourself and the planet gorgeous.