1. Eat well on the go!

    Good for you on the go!Shopping, cooking, cleaning and working through the holidays can leave you little time for healthful meals. If you resort to junk food and other fattening strategies too often, you will pay the price in weight gain and fatigue. Darlings, it isn’t necessary. Stock up on tasty Larabars. Our Alice Farnsworth reviewed them a couple of months ago. She loved them! I usually loathe nutrition bars; they can taste chalky and weird. But I tried Larabars and found them tasty too! Larabars are gluten free, kosher, dairy-free, sugar-free, unprocessed and raw – and they taste good!

    My favourite flavour is Cherry Pie. It does not taste exactly like pie, but I love the tangy cherries. Each bar has about 200 calories and there are lots of flavours. Darlings, stock your bag each day with water, tea, and something good such as Larabars. Keep healthy and if you are going splurge on your diet, make it worth your while. Don’t squander calories on junk.