1. DYI the latest celebrity hair trends

    Zooey Deschenel The latest celebrity hair trends are a snap with good instructions and the right products. We love the soft natural hold that Pureology products give our hair.

    A loose half-up, half-down look, as seen on Zooey Deschanel
    ·        Blow-dry hair using Pureology ColourStylist SilkBodifier voluminizing mousse and AntiSplitBlowDry styling cream.
    ·        Lightly mist ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray, to protect the hair from heat, and set hair in hot rollers.  Use large sections when setting the hair. Approximately 6-7 rollers needed for the whole head.
    ·        Blow dry bangs under with a large round brush.
    ·        When rollers are cool, remove them and finger brush your hair.
    Lace the top crown area of the hair with a soft brush to create volume, then smooth it over with your brush using Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray. Loosely pull the hair from the ears up back into the crown and secure with bobby pins.
    ·        Finish with Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray for a long lasting coif.

    A sleek low pony, as seen on Julie Bowen
    ·        Blow dry hair with Pureology ColourStylist AntiBreakageTwist for support and heat protection.
    ·        Flat iron hair with a center part using small sections to create a slick pony and the ends.
    ·        Emulsify a small amount of Pureology ColourStylist CuticlePolisher in your hand and wrap your hair around your head to the back at your occipital bone.
    ·        Secure the hair with an elastic.
    ·        Wrap a small piece of hair around pony and secure with a bobby pin to cover elastic.
    ·        Apply Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray for a high-shine hold — and you are Red Carpet ready!