1. Dry-clean your hair

    SebdCOClick on top title to open and scroll  Dry shampoo can be a life saver.  You can use it to squeeze an extra day or two out of a blow dry, or to prop up fine, limp locks. And if you go to a smoky club or party it will deodorize your hair in minutes.  The trick is finding the right dry shampoo for you.Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only  dry shampoo feels very light and leaves no sticky feeling. It is perfect if you like a clean-clean feeling, but it may be not what you want if you are trying to build texture.  The scent won’t clash with your perfume or bother you if you are sensitive as it doesn’t linger.

    You can find it online, at salons or at Ulta. The large 4.9 ounce size costs about $20 and a small travel can is priced at about $5.