1. Crusading lovers

    The Kings Witch by Cecelia Holland weaves a tale around a mysterious female doctor who travels with Richard the Lionhearted to the Crusades. Edythe, as she is called, is a Jew who survived the King of France’s purge of her people. Queen Eleanor took the daughter of a learned physician in and saved her, telling her to say she was raised in a convent. The Queen helped many Jews, who also carried her letters and help her.

    Eleanor sends Edythe to spy on Eleanor’s daughter, Queen Joanna and her son Richard in the Holy Land. But while Edythe hates espionage, the Holy Land awakens her need to reclaim her true identity. It is risky. She may lose everything – even the love of her life.
    Holland paints a lively picture of Plantagenet intrigues, the foolhardiness of the Crusades, and the prejudices of the era. This is an engaging tale of love and folly.