1. Couture manicure at home

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    The chic look of this pastel and gold manicure is one of the most popular runway trends for fall. It is also very easy to do at home with Lauren B. Nail Couture. Here is how to do your own: 

    Apply Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture’s Dual Base Top Coat to the base of your nail and let dry. 

    Paint the entire nail with two coats of Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture’s City Of Angels and let dry. 

    Create an accent nail on your ring finger by painting a gold half-moon with Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture’s  gold metallic nail colour Where’s My Oscar. 

    Tip: Use a hole punch reinforcement sticker, available at office supply stores, as a stencil to make this quick and easy! 

    Tip: You can also paint a gold accent on top of a shellac or gel manicure 

    Shine and seal by applying the Dual Base Top Coat again and letting dry for two minutes.