1. Comfort and joy!

    Darlings, get out and see the lights, bask in the glow. Meet a friend or lover (maybe you married him) and take a walk. Plan fun things to do; pick your favourite tradition and relish it. Decorate like a fiend, or bake up a storm. If you bake, share your bounty. Maybe throw an impromptu drinks party with a friend to keep the work light. Pamper yourself with home spa treatments every night between Christmas Eve and New Year’s! Celebrate, and be sure to include anyone left out of the warmth.  

    These are tough times for many, so remember to share the sweetness of the season with those in need. Be inclusive! Celebrate! Smile, be patient, and sparkle plenty!
    This our last issue for 2011. We will return January 13, 2012. Thank you all for your support, and Happy Holidays to you and yours. We wish you comfort and joy!
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    Gracey Hitchcock
    Photo by: www.yanka.ca
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