1. Polish like a pro

    Colgate ProClinical toothpaste is professionally-inspired line. It comes in three different types suitable for daily use. The new sleek packaging reflects the high-tech science behind the new formulas. These new toothpastes are different from Colgate’s previous whitening offerings as they have polishing crystals. Polishing is a popular alternative to peroxide. All these formulas are peroxide-free and are safe and effective for everyday use.

    Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening with ProLuminex crystals contains clinically-proven technology to remove discoloration and surface stains, and help prevent new stains from forming to give you whiter teeth. Colgate ProClinical Daily Cleaning polishes with Prophy Silica micro-buffers, an ingredient similar to what dentists use. This advanced formula fights plaque with regular brushing. 
    According to Colgate, Colgate ProClinical Daily Renewal for Enamel with ProMinerals complex fortifies enamel, and leaves gums feeling rejuvenated after every brushing.
    I am hooked on the clean feeling these new polishing toothpastes give my teeth, but not everyone loves the “gritty” feeling. The only way to find out is to use it yourself. I am convinced they leave teeth whiter and cleaner.