1. Cold Light, a chilling tale

    Jenn Ashworth’s Cold Light is a chilling tale of how the foolish teenage passions, vanity, and ennui of three teenaged girls lead them into a dangerous web of secrets.
    Cold Light is set in a small city in northern England that is obsessed with the death of a local teenager, Chloe, and her boyfriend, who have been found drowned.
    Ashworth tells the story of Chloe’s death through a series of flashbacks that involve her two best friends. They are plain girls who fell under the thrall of Chloe’s good looks and dominating personality.
    As Ashworth slowly unwraps the mystery of Chloe’s death, she also peels back the layers of teenage vulnerabilities and cruelty to make this a very shocking and compelling mystery.
    Cold Light is exceptionally well written. Ashworth keeps readers delicately off balance as she slowly drops each nugget of information, carefully revealing subplots and character nuance.
    Cold Light is not only an exceptionally well-written mystery, it is also a shocking picture of the lengths some teenage girls will go for acceptance.
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