1. Cleansers: day and night.

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    According to FOREO, the creators of stylish, high-tech beauty devices

    like the revolutionary  ISSA Hybrid toothbrush and the  popular LUNA Cleansing Brush and Anti-aging Device,

    your daytime and nighttime cleansing needs are different.


    “In the morning, skin needs to feel refreshed and ready to take on a big day.

    At night, the skin needs a more serious cleansing to purify after a day of exposure

    to pollutants, dirt and debris”, according to FOREO. So they created two different cleansers.

    The FOREO Day Cleanser Awaking Yogurt and

    Probiotics has a creamy texture to refresh and awaken skin.

    , removes the day’s dirt and impurities.

    Both cleaners also contain anti-aging botanicals and are designed to work with the Luna.

    My Luna has not arrived so I tried with a wash cloth and they were delightful.

    I always wash in the morning to hydrate so I loved a special morning cleanser.

    And I remove oil, dirt, and oil from my face several times a day. FOREO Night Cleanser,

    Celestial Melting Gel with Meteorite Powder  is very gentle but effective. My skin glowed!

    The duo is $55.95