1. Clean water

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    After the horrible water crisis in Flint, Michigan most of us are looking at our city water

    with a new and, perhaps, more suspect eye. ZeroWater is the leader in water filtration.

    ZeroWater has added a sleek, 8-cup Stainless Steel Pitcher. I love the sample they sent.

    It looks perfect in my modern kitchen. It is BPA- free and comes with a laboratory-grade water testing meter. The meter is useful as it tells you when you need a new filter.

    The ZeroWater filtration system removes “virtually all dissolved solids from tap water,

    so you taste nothing but the water”. They use 5 different technologies.

    According to the company, “ZeroWater is the only water filtration system

    to receive NSF endorsement for its reduction capabilities in chromium-3, chromium-6 and lead”.

    I thoroughly looked into ZeroWater the first time we featured them.

    I was so impressed that since that time they are only table-top water filter in my house.

    And when the handle broke on my original blue pitcher after a year they replaced it -no problem!

    ZeroWater also reports: “We have been very instrumental in getting

    clean water to Flint through our Filters for Flint Program.”


    I have used a ZeroWater pitcher for years. My husband and I both really like it.

    We also love the new stainless pitcher. It is perfect for our kitchen.

    They make different sizes and models from portable to family size.