1. Chef’s “ultimate” burger is still low-fat

    Ultimate low-fat burgerSummer is not only for BBQs and outdoor entertaining, it is also the perfect season for the “ultimate” burger.  

    Chef Kyle Reynolds suggests a tasty, low-fat healthful burger, or as he calls it, his “ultimate burger.”

    Here’s what the instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta has to say:

    Chef Kyle Reynolds“Everyone loves a delicious burger, but dreads the calories and health concerns that come along with it.  The ultimate burger delivers flavor, is packed with nutrients, and is lower in fat and calories.  Georgia is blessed with a bounty of wonderful, healthful products that bring incredible taste and surprising nutritional value.  White Oak Pastures ground beef is only 2.6 percent fat; almost half the amount of fat found in the leanest corn-fed ground beef found in most supermarkets.  Take a dive and try the ultimate burger and leave your diet concerns behind.”

    Servings: 4
    12 ounces White Oak Pastures grass-fed ground beef (2.6% fat)
    Salt and pepper, to taste
    2 ounces Sweet Grass Dairy – Green Hill cheese
    4 hamburger buns
    2 ounces fat-free mayonnaise
    2 ounces wholegrain mustard
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 teaspoon lemon peel, finely grated
    1 tablespoon Italian parsley, finely chopped, fresh
    1 large tomato, thinly-sliced crosswise
    2 ounces lettuce
    8 ounces button mushrooms, sliced and sautéed
    2 ounces Vidalia onion marmalade
    4 slices Patak bacon, baked crisp and drained
    Portion the ground beef into four equal-sized patties, season to taste, and grill to the desired doneness. While the patties are cooking, slice the cheese and place on top the patties to warm slightly.  Toast the inside of the buns on the grill.  Spread a tablespoon of mustard on the inside of the top bun and sprinkle with minced garlic, lemon peel, and parsley. Spread a tablespoon of the mustard on the inside of the top bun, place a patty on top, and stack the remaining ingredients.  Top with the other half of the bun and serve immediately.