1. Chatting with “From the Lab” about the future of beauty

    LorraineDahlingerjpgClick on top title to open and scroll  From the Lab is a monthly beauty box subscription club that calls itself “the future of beauty. It sends its members a selection of two or three skin care items or cosmetics from upscale beauty labs before they are released to the public. In our exclusive interview, co-founder of From the Lab, Lorraine Dahlinger, tells DolceDolce how “From the Lab” puts together their beauty boxes of hot new products every month and what makes them so special.

    I really wanted to hear what she had to say as “From the Lab” is one of the few subscription beauty boxes I really like. I am not one for subscription beauty boxes as the deluxe samples they offer are often available to anyone who can get themselves to a decent mall –especially one that has a Sephora store or a few posh department stores. What I love about From the Lab is that they send large samples that contain a full 30-day supply. And so far, I have also really liked all of the products they have sent.

    Here is what Lorraine Dahlinger had to say:                                                                                                                                                                 Lorraine DahlingerFromthelab

    DD: From the Lab talks about being part of the “informed shopping trend”. Can you explain the trend and how it relates to the beauty industry?

    LD: Informed shopping is a form of knowledgeable buying that requires actual research on the part of the consumer. Instead of blindly buying an item based on packaging or price, consumers take the time to find out details about the product and the company that makes it (of course the details will vary depending on the product/industry). In the beauty industry, it means checking out the ingredients in the cosmetics. Because certain cosmetic ingredients have been deemed harmful to the body, such as parabens and phthalates, women are really starting to realize how important it is to ensure that their beauty products are free of toxins. In order to proactively support this trend, we decided to include a separate pamphlet with all of our products that details the ingredients.

    DD: What makes From the Lab different from other subscription beauty box clubs?

    LD: From the Lab brings next-generation beauty products to consumers on a regular basis. We offer a monthly subscription plan that delivers the future of beauty right to the consumer’s doorstep every month. We partnered with the best independent cosmetic labs in the world – the same labs where high-end, brand-name cosmetic companies get their ingredients – to procure their most groundbreaking products. By eliminating the marketing, frivolous materials, and lengthy, drawn-out distribution process we give our subscribers up to two full-sized luxury beauty products up to 18 months before they will even be available in the U.S. market – and for 80 percent off the retail price. We also include a separate pamphlet with each product that details all of the ingredients used because we believe women not only have the right to know, but should be well-informed, of exactly what is in their cosmetics.

    DD: Why do you call yourselves the “future of beauty?”

    LD: It’s simple: we get you today what we know major brands will get you in the future – the future being as far as 18 months from now. We know that most of the formulas and ground-breaking ingredients our beauty products contain will be used in the beauty products of major retail brands months after our subscribers receive them. So although our customers receive them in the present, these high-end products are essentially the future in cosmetics.

    DD: How are the products created? 

    LD: The product formulas are created in elite cosmetic laboratories, the same innovative cosmetic labs the major beauty brands rely on. We attend closed-door meetings to see which formulas are producing the best results and are thought to be the next big thing in the cosmetic industry. We procure access to these formulas and put them through a female focus group. We then select and supply our subscribers with the formulas that women tell us they cannot live without. 

    DD: How do you capture trends in the beauty industry?
    LD: We don’t capture trends, we create them. Our partnerships with these independent cosmetic labs give us exclusive first access to their revolutionary new products. Our expert knowledge and research, as well as our relationships with industry insiders, allow us to select products that best represent future trends in high-end, luxury beauty. All our premium ingredients are known for their efficacy and ingenuity.

    Memberships in From the Lab begin at $19.95 a month and members can re-purchase their favourite items from limited stock