Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion

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Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion by Henry-Jean Savat is gorgeous picture book that will delight fans and fashionistas alike.


Henry-Jean Savat is a French journalist, who may be the world’s biggest Bardot expert having covered her career and style for decades. What makes this book truly special is the commentary from Savet’s lengthy interview with Bardot. Throughout the book, Brigitte Bardot explains her unique style that still inspires women today as she shares share intimate recollections.


I spent hours looking at the pictures.


This is would make a great gift!



The Little Book of Healthy Beauty

In the last few years, I have seen a slew of new booksthe-little-book-of-healthy-beauty

on “Healthy” or “Natural” beauty.

The Little Book of Healthy Beauty;

Simple Habits to Get You Glowing

by Pina Loguidice, ND, LAc.

is a standout.

Dr. Pina knows her stuff. Her book is full of advice you can really use.

Dr. Pina is practical and down to earth and doesn’t recommend crazy time consuming

regimes or outrageous lists of supplements.

If you want specific and practical suggestions based on real research to improve your health,

vitality and beauty pick uppbbw1-10326571v600 pbbw1-10326571v600




Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Lauren WeedmanClick on the topmost title to open 

Lauren Weidman’s Miss Fortune is a chronicle of her life as a modern woman – having it all. I could only marvel at her resignation in recounting a humiliating threesome with co-workers in the Netherlands and later her husband’s affair with their babysitter.

I plodded – rather than plowed – through this book, wondering if all the abuse this woman willingly endures at the hands of others is what made her an award winning comedic actress.  She chronicles her life in a series of incidents, including maltreatment at the hands of her adopted mother, sister, co-workers, lovers, friends and finally her husband.

The title is apt. This is indeed a tale of Misfortune. Alas I didn’t see much hope or resolution.


The Total Package

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Fans of  Stephanie Evanovich’s sexy bestsellers’, Big Girl Panties and The Sweet Spot,

will love her latest book, The Total Package. 

It is another naughty, star-crossed romance.

This time passes are dropped, made, and completed between

star comeback – quarterback Tyson Palmer and

spitfire, sports reporter Dani Carr.

Tyson lost everything due to painkillers and partying.


But the owner of Austin Mavericks literally picks him and dries him off for a big comeback.

Dani Carr who seems to have it out for Tyson, also ends up working for the Mavericks.

Sparks fly whenever Tyson and Dani cross paths; it is obvious these two have history.

Evanovich fans looking for  the heat of Big Girl Panties or The Sweet Spot won’t find it.

The Total Package is much more of sweet and sassy to romance that  her fans will




Naughty and nice recipes


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Sea Salt Sweet The Art of Using Salts for the Ultimate Dessert Experience by Heather Baird is a naughty but irresistible little tome of tempting creations, combining rich sweets with the bite of sea salt. Anyone who has savoured an exquisite French salt caramel, or even a good chocolate pretzel, will swoon over Baird’s creative and exotic use of exotic salt. Her Roasted Cashew Carmel Cheese Cake and Smoke and Stout Chocolate Torte are alone worth the price of the book.

Bakers will appreciate the lavish illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.


Stock, Broth, &Bowl: Recipes for Cooking, Drinking & Nourishing by Jonathan Bender is full of nice, nourishing recipes. Bender teaches the basics of stock-making with 9 different recipes.  His readers  will learn to master bone broth, as well as a good vegetarian broth.


Stock, Broth, and Bowl contains 20 body-warming recipes using stock or broth.

He includes recipes for familiar things like pot roast, chili, and French onion soup, perfect cold weather fare. Or, if you are detoxing, you will be able to make and sip Lemongrass Chicken stock.


Up South Coookbook

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Up South Cookbook:Chasing Dixie in a Brooklyn Kitchen 

by Nicole Taylor puts a new spin on classic Southern food. 


I loved the recipe for deviled eggs with smoked trout.

And onion lovers will salivate for her skillet pie of savoury sweet,

browned onions and eggs, mysteriously called a Vidalia Onion Dutch Baby.


She has packed her books full of stories about growing up

and cooking in Georgia. Nicole also shares her experience

 of adapting the flavours of her childhood to New York’s vibrant, International landscape.


As a cook, Nicole has a deft touch, adding exotic flavours,

like rose sugar or coconut milk, to familiar dishes.


Up South Cookbook: Chasing Dixie in a Brooklyn Kitchen 

by Nicole Taylor is full of colour photos as well as information and humour.








Baby Doll by Laura Lane McNeal.

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If you loved the book The Help — you have to read Baby Doll by Laura Lane McNeal.

The story is set in New Orleans in the turbulent years of 1964 to 1974. The story is told through the eyes of an outsider, Liberty Alice Bell. She is twelve years old and called Ibby .


As the story opens, Ibby has been dumped on her eccentric grandmother, Fannie’s doorstep. Her grandmother , who she has never met, lives in a big house in the posh Garden District of New Orleans. She is being left there so her mother can think. Her father has just died. He was killed in freak accident while biking with Ibby. Now her mother, who has always been cold to Ibby seems to want to get rid of her.


Ibby is immediately taken in by Fannie’s “family” — her housekeeper and cook and maid. Queenie is the cook and Dollbaby or Doll- as she is called -is the maid. They are mother and daughter . Doll has a daughter Ibby’s age, Birdelia . Ibby and Birdelia become close friends.


As the story unfolds tight little group is buffeted against the turbulent social changes that sweep the nation.


McNeal has a gift for creating real characters that defy the cloying stereotypes that so often mar novels set in the South.  Fans of strong female driven fiction will delight.




Modern Regency Romance

Love and Other Scandals by  Caroline LindenClick on the topmost title and scroll

Avon Historical Romances bring readers hot Regency- style e romances that read like sexy modern romances. The stories sizzle and the dialog snaps as today’s writers focus on the love story and passion, with the sensibilities of today’s woman.


Love and Other Scandals by bestselling author Caroline Linden throws together two headstrong misfits.

Joan Bennet is too tall and opinionated. She knows she doesn’t look attractive in the expensive clothes her mother buys her. She is already becoming resigned to a life as spinster despite her fortune.


Tristan Burke, Lord Burke, is scandalous and a rake. The single young Lord is handsome and catches. But he is also known for drinking, gambling, boxing and charring on with fast women. He is Joan’s bother Timothy’s best friend. Timothy, to his parents despair has similar habits.


When Joan and Tristan meet there are sparks. Tristan can’t resist teasing and challenging the headstrong young woman. And Joan can’t forget him after he kisses her to shut her up during an argument.


When Joan’s parents must leave town and Timothy must also go away on business, Joan is left alone with her eccentric and romantic aunt. And Timothy, innocently makes Tristan promise to “look after” his sister, Joan. The more they deny their attraction the hotter their passion becomes.


Love and Other Scandals is a sexy, romantic romp! If you want a bonbon of a book to make you smile, this is it.