1. Campari Spritz and MV’s Best Virginia Cocktail Peanuts

    Sparkling and tart, the perfect summer cocktail

    Summer entertaining should be light and easy. Recently, we visited friends in Montreal who have the knack. We had a wonderful evening together and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Our friend, Susan, is a fabulous cook. Her husband, Markus, served a lovely aperitif called a Campari Spritz, made with the Italian bitter and the sparkling wine, Prosecco. It’s perfect on a summer evening. Susan served bowls of cashews and crisp chips. Next time, I will have to bring her some MV’s Best Virginia Cocktail Peanuts. I am sure she will like them as much as we do.


    MV’s Best Cocktail Peanuts are specially-prepared gourmet peanuts form Virginia. The big super crunchy peanuts come in seven flavours, some sweet and others salty and spicy. They are simple to serve with cocktails, and are an excellent accent to drinks on a hot summer evening. Perfect for impromptu entertaining!


    MV’s Best Cocktail Peanuts are one of my favourite new entertaining staples they are fun, elegant, and easy. They also come elegantly-packaged for gift-giving, making them an ideal hostess gift.


    Campari Spritz


    Fill champagne flutes, wine glasses, or other pretty glasses with 1/3 Campari, and then top it up with well-chilled Prosecco.



    Campari is an Italian aperitif that is flavoured with an infusion of herbs and fruits. It has a pretty dark orange-red colour. It is slightly bitter and something of an acquired taste. But, try it a few times and you’ll get hooked. Campari mixes well with citrus and sparkly water and wines. The classic way to serve Campari is with soda and a slice of orange. Old Italian men finish the day drinking Campari and soda at their favourite spot on their local piazza, watching the girls go by.