1. Bullies and hope

      This week the world was shocked the aggressive bulling of an elderly bus monitor by four boys. There was an outpouring of support and outrage. A website has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from strangers to let the elderly woman go on vacation and retire. 
    I get the outrage and share it. We sadly live in a bully culture. Parents often applaud their children for being aggressive. Grown men and women are bullied at work by supervisors and employers. In the current economy many people have little or no recourse but to silently take it. In addition, we reward bullies on reality TV by watching them and enriching them with notoriety.
    But there is hope. Strangers reach out and help to send an abused grandmother on vacation. People help flood and earthquake victims they will never meet. Here in Atlanta, my friend Toren and several of her colleagues are organizing a benefit for our friend Elise, who is fighting pancreatic cancer. The treatment required and the expenses – even with insurance – are daunting. It’s yet another example of hope in an often-discouraging time. tickets and info:https://www.facebook.com/events/429778577057143/
    Darlings, have a sweet and shine your light as the world needs all the cheer and hope it can get!
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    Gracey Hitchcock
    Photo by: www.yanka.ca
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