1. Borrow some star dust

    12graceysmallAs young woman I read a line in a magazine that stayed with me for many years. The writer had managed to get a few very big stars to share not only their beauty secrets but to also disclose the actual brand names of the products they used. For years stars seldom mentioned brand names so it was a big deal. The writer said, “After all why shouldn’t you try a little of the same star dust that make the stars shine.   She went on to point out that there were “no secret beauty stores only for stars” and that we could all buy and try the products that made them look so good.  

    The magazine was Cosmo and the article was pure Helen Gurley Brown. HGB was frugal but she also believed in pulling out all the stops when it came to glamour. And she was smart.  She knew and told her readers that most of Hollywood’s beauty was actually the result of hard work.  She wrote books about the magic combination of diet, exercise and carefully applied glamour.  

    If you want to feel more glamorous, beautiful or whatever you call it – find the star you identify with and borrow some star dust. You are never too old to use this trick. Study her look. Take a picture or two to your favourite makeup counter or hair stylist. Do not be embarrassed people do it all the time. A picture makes it easier for the person helping you. There are no secret beauty stores and everyone deserves star dust. 

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