1. Big Girl Panties

    9780062224842Stephanie Evanovich’s debut novel, Big Girl Panties: A Novel asks the question: can sexual attraction and love trump social stigma in thin world? 

    Holly Brennan is a 32-year-old widow who has been through hell.  Her husband’s long illness and death left her exhausted and weighing close to 200 pounds.  Holly is  living alone with a lifetime of pain and she has a bad comfort food habit.

     Personal trainer Logan Montgomery likes to think of himself as nice guy. He makes a good living keeping beautiful people and top athletes in shape. Logan is good at his job, which gives him freedom and success. Logan loves freedom, period. Aside from his college roommate, Logan keeps people at a distance, including his lovers to whom he never commits. 

    Fate brings Logan and Holly together when due to weather problems they are forced to sit in coach. Logan feeling guilty about all the negative “fat girl” thoughts he had about Holly once he learns she is a recent widow, so offers to train her and help her lose weight.  

    Soon Holly is in love with Logan. But when Logan realizes he is in love with Holly he has to ask himself if he can love a woman who will never be really thin.  

    Evanovich is pitch-perfect writing about gyms, fitness, and pressure to be beautiful and thin. Her writing in Big Girl Panties is poignant and sexy.  Evanovich plays with a kinky side romance on the part of Logan’s best friends who befriend Holly. Many women will relate to Holly and cheer her on. 

    Big Girl Panties is an emotional roller coaster of romance.