1. Better choices, better results

    Don't just gulp supplements for the best results

    Don’t just gulp supplements for the best results

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    For as long as I can remember, I have been teased and occasionally berated about being “picky”. I still laugh thinking about the time when my friend Pauline asked me about a recipe. When I told her, “Well, I am a little picky about the type of stock I use,” she just looked at me and said, “What else is new. You are picky about most things.” She was right.

    I am picky-choosy about food, restaurants, services, and teachers – and this is why: Over the years I have found that better choices give me better results. It is that simple.

    Even if I had an unlimited budget – which I don’t – I have only so much time so I want what works best for me.

    I want food to be fresh, seasonal, and healthful. I want to make sure that shopping and cooking is time well-spent.  No beauty treatment will make your skin or hair look beautiful if you don’t feed yourself well. If you don’t really know what your body needs to thrive, see a professional or read up on it. Don’t try a fad fast or gulp down supplements.  Advice you pick up at the health food store or from well-meaning but unqualified people can be harmful and expensive.  Restaurant food can be really bad as it often loaded up with extra salt, butter, and oil, so make sure it is delicious if you are going to splurge on calories.  And if you eat out often, find a place that offers truly healthful, fresh food.

    The best isn’t always the biggest or the fanciest-looking either. When it comes to choosing a yoga teacher or professional service I never care about “the trappings,” or what are called “the amenities”.  When I look for a yoga teacher or trainer I want the most inspiring, well-trained, and compassionate professional I can find. I want someone who knows how to push as well when as when to say slow down. I want a sense of humour, experience, and someone I feel is responsible.  I want a lot – and the best teachers give you all of that and more. The time I crave out to work on myself is about transformation, strength, and sweat – it is not about fluffy robes.

    I feel the same way about all of my professional services. I care about how my hair and my skin looks .I don’t give a fig if the salon or spa is fancy or famous. Some of the best people who have ever worked on me have done so in very small, simple places or my own home. This was true even when I worked as beauty editor and writer for glossy magazines and newspapers. And sometimes I have found my best people in posh places. But the choice is always based on people not the “real estate”. 

    If you are happy with your all of your choices and results you don’t need my help. But if you think you might do better try these tips:

    Forget about amenities and look at qualifications. I have never found a really great teacher or trainer working in a studio or gym that wasn’t clean and attractive. You can enjoy your own fluffy robe at home.

    Ask your most savvy friends for recommendations but don’t feel pressured to use their people if it doesn’t feel right.

    I read Yelp and blogs to find local teachers and salons. I like a wide selection of reviews to help me focus on a few to try. The recommendations in glossy magazines and newspapers are often a result of “relationships” that are not relevant to me and my needs. Also Yelpers will often post photos and answer questions. I love Yelp.

    Until you find “the one” for you try many new classes and trainers. I like teachers and trainers who explain and make hands-on adjustments. I dislike what I call “demonstrators”; teachers who simply show the moves and expect you to copy or – worse – simply call out instructions.

    Remember, you need a workout destination that is close enough for you to go regularly. Look for a studio or gym close to your home or office.

    Use the “rule of three” to make a final decision.

    A new stylist who gets your hair right the first time will usually get your hair perfect after three vsits.If  a class, club,  teacher is good the first time you will have a much better idea after three classes if you have a “fit”.

    Be picky-choosy. It is your time and money and, more importantly, it is your body.