1. Beautiful inside out


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    For years I have written about and said that there has never been a better time to be a woman. We have more choices and better health care options than ever before.


    As a health and beauty editor I have never seen better or more affordable choices. And we are all smarter. We know that health equals beauty and sun screen is the best skin beautifier. It also prevents skin cancer. There are no short cuts or cheats.


    We have lotions, potions and hair care – at all prices. But none of them will help erase the damage done by smoking, a bad diet, or a lack of sleep and exercise. Exercise for even a few days and see how much better your skin looks; a result of all the additional oxygen and blood flow.


    None of this is new thinking; our great grandmothers struggled with sunbonnets and gloves. I have old books on health and housekeeping that give the same advice about diet. But it is all easier today with sun screen and super markets. So be smart and be beautiful, darlings – inside and out.


    Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life.


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