1. Beat “single” holiday blues

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    If being single over the holidays has you feeling blue then

    , you need some help from Marni Battista,

    the author of BECOMING IRRESISTIBLE:

    How to Effortlessly Have Men Pursue You,

    Treat You like a Goddess & Commit to You for Life,

    90-Minute Books.


    Thousands of smart, successful women have used Marni’s Supermen System to attract their relationship-ready quality men.

    If you are single and would like to change your dating style to attract relationship-ready, quality men then take Marni’s challenge.

    Take the 20 Interaction Challenge

    Get out of your head and out of that place of focusing on who you’re going to kiss under the mistletoe. Move into a place of interaction and eye contact with people — not just with men you want to date, but with everyone — to practice getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people.

    At the coffee shop, ask a guy if he prefers the mocha mint Frappuccino or the pumpkin spice latte.

    In the grocery store, ask if he’s ever cooked a turkey or has a secret method. Always make eye contact and smile.

     If you do this 20 times, you’ll start to get your feminine juju going, and soon it will come naturally to you.