1. Beat allergies naturally

    allergeaseClick on top title to open  If you suffer from seasonal allergies but hate the idea and feeling of taking drugs you may want to try Allergease. These natural lozenges contain a blend of botanicals and Vitamin C to help alleviate symptoms. A doctor invented Allergease to treat his and his family’s allergies.  Scientific studies have shown Vitamin C and various herbal or botanicals alleviate symptoms of mild seasonal allergies. Allergease’s formula contains honey to soothe as well as menthol for congestion.  A three-pack of 21 lozenges costs less than $18 on the company’s website. You can also find Allergease at major drug stores.

    DolceDolce Tips:

    Brush your  hair to remove pollen.

    Change clothes if you have been outside as they carry  pollen.

    Change pillow cases daily or  shower before bed and wash your hair as pollen collects in hair and on skin.

    Leave shoes, especially with heavy tread, at the door they can being in dirt and allergens.

    Brush pets that play outdoors to remove pollen from their coats.