1. Be inspired!

    Darlings, fitness, health, and even glamour are for everyone.  

    The "Real Housewives" may not be your cup of green tea, but they are women who have figured out how to look fabulous and have fun doing it. I say take what works for you, and be inspired.
    As spring has arrived, gardeners may want to pick up the latest issue of Flower Magazine, called Flower Loves New York. It’s full of exiting interviews and features. The photography is always stunning. And even though I only arrange flowers, I want to read all about spring floral fashion from Oscar de la Renta, Tracy Reese, Valentino, Prada, Kate Spade, and Milly, romantic arrangements by Nicolette Camille Floral Design in Brooklyn and The Battery Conservancy’s gardens on the New York harbor.
    Darlings embrace the season and have a sweet week. Keep compassionate thoughts in your heart for the world, and especially for Japan and those fighting for freedom and peace. Life is short, so make it sweet .
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    Gracey Hitchcock
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