1. Bansih the morning blues

    Philips Wake-up lightIf you hit the snooze button on dark, chilly winter mornings and then drag yourself out of bed feeling cranky and sleepy, you are not alone. A recent survey by Philips found that nine out of 10 people hit the snooze button.
    The Philips Wake-Up Light is an alarm clock that simulates a natural sunrise. Research has shown a slow dawn effect is clinically-proven to have an impact on the quality of awakening and subsequent energy levels at the start of your day. It even improves mood. Studies have shown that “dawn simulation” can help alleviate seasonal affective disorder, stabilize circadian rhythms, and help people feel happier and more energetic all day long.
    I wake up happily all summer long as the bright cheering light floods my bedroom. Then I huddle against the winter’s dark and chill no matter now long I sleep. I just can seem to pop happily awake in pitch dark at the sound of a jarring buzz.
    The Philips Wake-Up Light warms the room with a soothing glow 30 minutes before wake time, coaxing your body to awaken naturally. Once the “dawn has broken” you can choose from a variety of nature sounds or FM radio to add to your soothing morning ritual.
    The Wake-Up Light Premium has a feature to simulate dusk to help you fall asleep. You can also get an iPod docking station to play your own music in the morning.
    The Philips Wake-Up Light is the kinder gentler way to wake up. That makes it a perfect gift for any of your favourite night owls who are forces to be larks. And it is also a delicious idea for your wish list, if — like me darlings — you are just a little fragile in the morning.
    For studies on sleep and dawn stimulation: