1. Are you in cognitive decline?

     Are you as sharp as you want to be? If not, then you could be in “cognitive decline.” You have to work to keep your brain in top shape the same way you work out to keep your body tuned up.
    Fear not. Dr. Eric Braverman, the doctor many Manhattan socialites depend on, has a plan to help you stay sharp as a tack. You may have seen the Real Housewives of New York visit his practice.
    In Younger Brain, Sharper Mind: A 6-Step Plan for Preserving and Improving Memory and Attention at Any Age from America's Brain Doctor , Dr.Braverman gives advice on diet, exercise supplements, medications, and hormone therapy to sharpen memory, improve problem-solving abilities, and avoid cognitive decline.
    Cognitive decline is metal aging as the mind slows down and problem solving and reasoning abilities decline with aging. Some experts say this can begin as early as age 45, but the average is 60.
    This book is full of fascinating, useful information for readers of all ages to stay mentally young and sharp.