1. Aperol Ruby Spritzer

    drinkport.jpgClick on top title to open  There is nothing like an unusual cocktail to spice up any gathering. Bars even hire special “mixologists” to create them. For a warm weather party try an Aperol Ruby Spritzer.  Aperol is an Italian “bitter” aperitif that is sweeter but similar to Campari.  It is made from an old secret recipe. It contains a blend of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and an array of herbs and roots. I find it addictive. Sandeman Ruby Porto is a rich, robust fortified wine. Its deep fruit flavour pairs perfectly with the bittersweet Aperol over ice.

    Aperol Ruby Spritzer

    Pour over ice

    1 oz. Aperol
    ½ oz.  Orange Liqueur
    1 oz. Sandeman Ruby Port
    5 drops of Rosewater

    Sparkling water
    Garnish with a wedge of well washed lime or other citrus