1. Anti-aging tips from an expert!

    No one can stop the clock, but with the right information you can slow it down! Dr. Howard Murad, MD is one of the foremost experts on anti-aging. In this item, Dr. Murad shares tips from his book, Dr. Murad’s The Water Secrets, on how to slow the aging process.
    According to Dr. Murad, “aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.” Dr. Murad’s The Water Secrets explains what foods to eat to boost youth building and combat wrinkles. The doctor also shares tips on how to slow aging and how to look and feel youthful for decades. This book is full of useful advice.
    Dr. Murad’s anti-aging tips:
    Daily use of full-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection (at least SPF 15) is critical to preventing wrinkles, age spots, and compromised skin tone. Sometimes women sacrifice sun protection because they want to avoid using too much product on the faces. To sidestep this problem, simply choose a moisturizer that already contains SPF, or mix a sun protector with liquid makeup for a two-in-one product.
    Selecting the right product is key
    Cleansers, scrubs, and treatments that are too strong or heavily-fragranced may irritate and dehydrate skin. So, use products containing exfoliants, hydrators, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. AHAs slough off dead skin cells; essential fatty acids, ceramides, and Shea Butter intensely hydrate; Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals; chamomile and green tea diminish redness and irritation.
    Eating poorly
    Finally, illness, chronic conditions and certain medications can make skin appear older. Many elements associated with good health, such as weight control, nutrition, and exercise, can affect the skin. Clearly, a complete diet overhaul is the logical solution. However, Dr. Murad suggests focusing on a few small changes to make a big difference. Add good fats, such as walnuts, avocado, and olive oil to help rebuild cell membranes and reduce dry, flaky skin. Enjoy embryonic foods, including eggs, beans, and seeds. These foods contain all the building blocks for regeneration, and will flood your body with vital nutrients to make all your cells healthier.
    Eat your Water!
    What happens when we drink eight glasses of water a day? We are in the bathroom eight times or more, flushing our system of vital nutrients. So, eat your water! Raw fruits and vegetables contain structured water which releases into your system at a slower rate, allowing you to stay hydrated longer. These foods also contain vital nutrients to help your skin and your body stays healthy.
    Stressing out
    Cultural stress is the constant and pervasive stress of everyday life, which has become a normal part of our society in this day and age. This continuous stress maxes out our tolerance and lowers our stress threshold so that when stressful events happen – such as your boss dropping that huge project on you at the last minute – we hit maximum stress capacity.
    Take a deep breath and remember that the most important person in the world is YOU!

    Dr. Murad recommends a few mantras that will help center your brain, and avoid the inevitable “freak out”: “Don’t let failures spoil your successes.” “If it isn’t personal, don’t take it personally.” “Be imperfect; live longer.” And, “Even in disaster, look for the good.” Choose the one that speaks to you and repeat!
    By revamping daily routines through external, internal, and emotional methods, Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy gives guidelines on how to capitalize on cell regeneration. By taking advantage of the completely new population of cells that crop up every four to five weeks, rewinding time and rebuilding youth is possible.