1. All about barre3

    aamadonna.jpgClick top title to open the item and scroll Recently, I tried a work out at Atlanta’s new barre3 studio in Buckhead.  Barre3 is the creation of celebrity fitness expert Sadie Lincoln. It combines ballet, barre work, yoga and Pilates for challenging whole-body workout. Barre 3 got a big boost a couple years when it became known that Madonna was working out with Lincoln. Since then barre3’s popularity has grown.

    With so many new barre workouts appearing on the market it is hard to choose the one you will like best.  The barre 3 class I experienced opened with a warm-up that had a 1980s “Jane Fonda” feeling to it.  It was followed by an effective workout with light weights for arms and shoulders, and ballet barre work for the thighs and buttocks. These two sections were similar to other barre workouts that I have tried with classic exercises like pliés and bicep curls.  I loved the abdominal mat work at barre 3. The use of their squishy fitness ball really focused “the burn.”                                barre3 got a boost from celebrity fans like Madonna (photo: John Shankman)

    Barre3 is a unique experience worth trying if you enjoy barre and Pilates. As with all barre workouts, if you are looking for yoga this is not yoga.

    The Buckhead studio is owned by Katie Schrier. She first fell in love with barre3 at Lincoln’s original flagship studio in Portland, Oregon.  Katie agreed to answer my questions_Blog_Atlanta.jpg about barre3:

    Katie Schrier on barre3:

    DD: How is barre3 different from other barre workouts?

    KS: Our variety and our approach to fitness are what make us different. We offer variety:  We have a unique ability to teach classes that consistently deliver a head-to-toe, balanced workout without being boring or repetitive. We are constantly innovating so clients get fresh, smart, and thoughtful exercises that will continually challenge, break plateaus and fight

    boredom. We have a team of choreographers with a singular mission to balance the body and improve posture. Our choreographers come from a wonderful and diverse background ranging from professional athletes, to yogis, accomplished dancers, Pilate’s teachers and physicians.

    “One thing that is really special about barre3 is our focus on whole body health.  Being healthy isn’t just about working out, it’s about everything from how you sleep to how you nourish your body to your relationships with friends and family. Because all 24 hours of the day contribute to your overall health and well-being, we offer clients support beyond our studio walls with online workouts, seasonal recipes and combined exercise and nutrition programs like 28 to Great and 7 Day Body Blast. We also recently launched a Mobile App that
    gives you easy access to local studio listings, 10-minute workouts that are great on-the-go, seasonal recipes, even the ability to create your own grocery shopping list with ease.


    Another way to plug into our vibrant community and get loads of support throughout the day is through our Atlanta – South Buckhead Facebook and Instagram pages. I love staying connected with clients online – I’m constantly posting tips and tools to help the Atlanta community stay motivated and on track.

    Another thing that makes us totally unique is our signature three-step workout formula designed (and proven) to build strength, burn fat and create long, lean muscles. Here’s how it works:

    We start with an isometric hold. By holding your muscles at mid-contraction (their strongest point) you increase strength and endurance without having to add weight, shorten the muscle, or even move. Holding still strengthens your muscles continuously (there’s no room for breaks!) while focusing on posture and alignment.

    Then, we layer on small, controlled one-inch movements. By moving only one inch, you maintain the strength and endurance benefits of a hold but can keep it up longer. One-inch movements heat your body from the inside out, increase core strength, and rev your metabolism.

    Finally, we flush out the body with low-impact, large range motion, a heart-healthy cardio blast that improves circulation, sends fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, burns calories and re-energizes the body. The results are truly amazing!”

    I’m most proud of barre3’s accessible, warm, and welcoming approach to fitness. Our community is supportive of one another. We’re a family. It’s amazing to see veteran clients shepherd newer clients. My favorite parts of the day are the moments I spend in our studio lobby before and after class connecting with clients and my instructor team. Our

    culture is really special.

    DD: How many times week is it recommended doing the workout to see

    results?  And how long before results are apparent?

    KS: I encourage clients to do barre3 at least three times a week. And because it is low impact, barre3 is a workout clients can do daily, if they so desire. Many clients tell me they feel a difference in the way they hold their posture after just three classes. Our studio is celebrating our one-month anniversary this week and I already have clients telling me they have seen physical changes in their body such as weight loss and a stronger core. One client told me she has been able to shave a minute off her running pace time. Another client who is a violinist shared that she feels herself holding a stronger posture while playing the violin and that she is experiencing fewer aches and pains from her time spent playing.